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Jan 22, 2013 11:00pm PST
center of the craze since it began two decades ago. his company, snow park technologies, is responsible for dreaming up and constructing the jumps for the x-game and the detour. he is also building the terrain parks all over the world. and northern california, that includes places like north star, squaw and heavenly can you design them so they're safe? >> it is impossible to design a safe jump. >> reporter: he says while there is a lot of thought put into how the parks are designed, his team uses no calculations to build the jumps. >> as an industry, there aren't standards. because snow changes all the time, it is kind of impossible to have quote/unquote standards. >> you want to minimize that impact or control it in some sense. typically you can't just do that by pushing snow around and hoping that it is the right shape. >> reporter: he is an expert witness who has testified in several lawsuits against various ski resorts. he is also a professor of mechanical engineering at uc davis. >> not all of them are safe. absolutely. >> reporter: he says the key to preverying serious
Jan 16, 2013 11:00pm PST
valley, the technology economy, there's a reason we call things version 2.0. sometimes things need a little adjustment before they're ready to re-roll out. >> at this point there's no word on whether passengers on friday's flight will be rerouted. air india has grounded its dreamliners for the time being. >>> san jose are telling parents to be on the lookout for a man who tried to rip a child out of her mother's arms yesterday. this is a sketch of the suspect. an east san jose mother told her the suspect came up to her and her children in their front yard yesterday afternoon. she told us she knew something was wrong when he kept saying how beautiful her children were. shortly after he grabbed the 2-year-old daughter by the feet. >> when he knelt down, he grabbed my daughter by her feet, by her -- her ankles, and he -- i kind of picked her up. as she fell back on me, we were tugging at each other. and her bottoms were falling off. and then eventually her boots fell off. >> the mother didn't want to be identified there on camera. the mother was able to wrestle her daughter away and run
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2